Our Team

We have a great team that volunteers their skill, time, and energy to make Love Western a source of support for the Western community:

  • Shayanne DeBoer :: VP, Community
  • Ava Zeversenuke :: VP, Administration
  • Emmalyn Teixeira :: VP, Greenhouse
  • Ashtyn Beckett :: VP, Food
  • Adriana Ishak :: VP, Research
  • Recruiting :: VP, Psychedelic Sermon
  • Michael Wagenman, PhD :: Founder and President

We are grateful to the following partners for their collaboration with us:

  • USC Food Support Service: Western’s on-campus food bank, dedicated to reducing food insecurity among UWO undergraduate students.
  • Community Engaged Learning @ Western: providing opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom and serve in the London community.
  • Luke’s Place: a diverse and welcoming community centre for students, located at 1204 Richmond Street. Regular programming (Coffee House, jam nights) and the hosts of our greenhouse!
  • Centre of Hope: a community resource committed to breaking the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and addiction. We address social problems by delivering programs that provide solutions which reinvest a person’s potential back into the fabric of our community.
  • London Food Bank: our London community food bank since 1986 who donated our urban garden greenhouse!
  • Western Campus Ministry: a network of churches in southwestern Ontario who have been supporting and serving Western students since 1969.

London, Ontario, Canada

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