Western Campus Ministry

Western Campus Ministry has served the Western University community since 1969. Our goal is to support student community and the academic engagement of faith and life.

Besides our Love Western project, we also offer academic mentoring for graduate students in partnership with a global community of scholars committed to the constructive integration of faith and scholarship. If you’re interested in this other part of our work, please get in touch using the contact form over at Love Western.

Western Campus Ministry is made possible through the generous support of individuals (including alumni), churches, businesses, local churches, and the Christian Reformed Church.

Every donation goes to supporting this work on campus – and every donation is gratefully received.

If you would like to become a part of our supporting community, we’d love for you to get in touch. We send out regular newsletters to help the local community better understand this work and hear some of our stories.

To make an online, tax-deductible donation, just click here. You can support our work generally or make a specific donation to “Love Western!” or our student leadership program. Make sure to download and save your donation receipt!

London, Ontario, Canada

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